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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys In Gaffney

Getting hurt on the job can lead to significant financial and physical burdens. At Parker & Bain, LLC, we’re committed to helping injured workers in South Carolina and North Carolina get the workers’ comp benefits they deserve.

How Do I Claim Workers’ Compensation?

Were you hurt at work? There are several things that you must do to file a proper workers’ compensation claim:

  • Report your accident to your employer immediately
  • Receive medical attention and report all and any injuries you have received
  • Contact an attorney

Our lawyers can provide immediate guidance on the right steps to take.

What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation

If you suffered an injury at work, there are four basic types of coverage:

  • Temporary total disability: If you have been unable to go to work for more than seven days, you may recover your compensation rate, which is approximately 66.6% of your average weekly wage. This only lasts for the period that you are out of work while you are receiving medical care for the injury.

Once you have achieved “maximum medical improvement,” you may be able to recover under one of these three types of coverage:

  • Schedule disability: This is applicable if you have injured a specific body part. You will receive an impairment rating, and that will help determine the settlement you could get. This will account for your compensation rate, mileage, any possible future limitations or medical care, and more.
  • Partial disability: This is generally for a work-related injury that results in partial incapacity for work. This looks at the income you were making in comparison with what you are now able to earn due to the work-related injury.
  • Total disability: This is when the work-related injury results in an incapacity for work that is total. The focus is not purely on the injury, but on the disability or one’s incapacity to work.

What If Your Claim Was Denied Or Your Benefits Terminated?

Unjustified claim denials are an unfortunate reality in the workers’ comp world. Insurance companies are financially motivated to delay, deny and terminate claims wherever possible.

If your claim was denied or your benefits were unjustifiably terminated, it’s important to know that your case isn’t over. You have the right to appeal. Our lawyers can help you build a strong case to get your benefits back on track. Strict benefits apply, so don’t wait.

Can You Choose Your Doctor?

In both North and South Carolina, you will need to see a doctor who your employer or their insurer approves. You can potentially request a second opinion, and if your employer denies that request, you may be able to pursue further legal action. Our lawyers can advise you on your rights in this situation.

Do You Also Have A Personal Injury Claim?

In many work injury cases, a third party – other than your employer – may be at fault for contributing to your injuries. You might have grounds for a personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ comp benefits. Our attorneys handle both of these types of cases, so we can pinpoint any additional claims you may have.

Contact Us To Learn More About Your Options

The above is a limited overview, and it is imperative to contact an attorney. Our lawyers can help you maximize your benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Meanwhile, you can focus on achieving maximum medical improvement.

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