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Could Automatic Braking and Collision Warning Systems Help Prevent Truck Accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often the most destructive automotive collisions on the road. The size and weight of these vehicles often mean passenger vehicles are helpless should a crash happen. That is why it is important for truck companies and drivers to take every precaution available to them. Now, a new technology is offering a chance to reduce truck collisions all across the country. Should lawmakers consider making this technology mandatory? Our Gaffney truck accident lawyer takes a closer look at this issue.

Can New Technology Reduce Truck Accidents in the U.S.?

In 2009, crashes involving large trucks hit an all-time low. Since that year, truck crashes have risen by nearly one-third, resulting in 4,136 people losing their lives in 2018. But what if there was technology that could reduce the number of fatal truck crashes every year? A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) may have pointed out two technologies that do just that.

Studying about 2,000 crashes over more than two billion vehicle miles during 2017-2019, researcher Eric Teoh made some interesting discoveries. Trucks equipped with forward collision warning systems had 22 percent fewer crashes. Trucks equipped with an automatic emergency braking system crashed 12 percent less than trucks not equipped with the system.

More surprising was the fact that these systems reduced rear-end collisions by an even wider margin. For trucks with only collision warning systems, rear-end crashes were reduced by 44 percent. Trucks with automatic emergency brakes saw a 41 percent reduction in rear-end collisions.

Researchers compiled this information after studying trucks both with and without these remarkable systems. These tractor-trailers were owned and operated by 62 different carriers and weighed at least 33,000 pounds.

How Automatic Braking Helps Prevent Collisions

The study also went on to show that the advanced warning and braking provided by these systems not only prevented crashes, but also reduced the severity of the crashes that did happen. According to the report, both systems resulted in speed reductions of more than 50 percent when collisions did occur. This shows how important these systems could be to the safety of our roads. So, what are the authorities doing with this information?

Should Collision Warning and Automatic Braking Systems Be Mandatory in Trucks?

As of November 2013, the European Union requires automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning systems on most new large trucks. However, the United States has not followed this example. Currently, IIHS and government officials are urging truck manufacturers to voluntarily install the systems on their new vehicles. The top 20 automakers in the U.S. have already agreed to install such systems on almost every new passenger vehicle they make by September 1, 2022.

Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help the Situation?

Our South Carolina law firm has seen the destruction truck accidents can cause. They inflict catastrophic, life-altering injuries and rob families of their loved ones. Reducing tragic crashes should be a priority for everyone. Our truck accident attorney can help by holding negligent trucking companies and their drivers responsible.

Often, trucking companies cut corners on maintenance or pressure their drivers to make unrealistic deadlines. This can lead to crashes due to equipment failure and fatigue. These companies are also more likely to avoid purchasing trucks with forward collision warning and automatic braking systems. A South Carolina truck accident attorney can help encourage these companies to make safety a priority by showing how costly their negligence can truly be.

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